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The school of Excellence

Principal’s Message

"The longest journey in a man’s life is from the head to the heart."

Our life is a reflection of what we hold inside us. We have been sent into this world by God for a special purpose and hence it is a befitting compliment we pay God when we make our lives here meaningful. Every day should be a Thanksgiving to the Almighty for what we are.

In every nation the schools I visit, I look into the eyes of children and see the same sparks of light and the same smiles. Anyone who cares to look, can sense the limitless promise in each unique face.

A man’s value is not measured by the years he has lived or even the work he has done. A man’s value is measured by the character he has moulded.

Holistic development is the very purpose of education in Campion. We, at Campion are committed in helping our children to know the importance of living a meaningful life—centered round good relationships, authenticity and leadership. This is done in a way that is clear and concise. The need to reach out in service to others is a basic necessity of coming together as a family. “I need you to be me and you need me to be you” is our slogan for committed team work. Our mission and vision statements emphasize our dedication to both the academic and spiritual development of our students.

At Campion, our aspiration is to help children lead themselves rather than being led. Dear Children, the openings in our school that you have are enormous to build your self confidence. As you walk through the portals of this institution, remember, you are natural human beings who are full of honesty and goodness, zeal and vigur and intellectual promise - the flower of a generation and the glory of Campion, ready to sacrifice for all that this institution stands for.

And now by necessity the founding fathers’ dream has become yours. Let me exhort you; examine yourselves. Let each of you discover where your true chance of greatness lies. For the sake of this school and country seize this chance. Rejoice in it and no power or persuasion should deter you in your task. Go forward then with confidence, for God’s wisdom goes with you.

It only takes a spark to light a fire and soon all around are warmed up in its glowing. A life of significance is concerning what you give to others, rather than what you receive. Remember it only takes a spark within you to inspire many to face the challenging world with enthusiasm, hope and courage.

My sincere wish is that you dear children trust in God, live each day to its fullest potential. You can make a difference in your world.


- Rev. Bro. Soosairaj, s.g.